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Great Marketing Starts With Great Content

What does content development have to do with marketing? Everything! It's key to a successful website! It's WHAT you say about your services or products and HOW you say it that sets you apart and encourages a visitor to become a client. We're not talking about just simply listing your services, we're talking about what you have to say about your services. You can spend a lot of time and effort driving visitors to your site but if your site lacks clear content, a reason to choose your product or services, or a call to action, then converting visitors to clients simply may not happen.
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OK, you've got a great website with great content, now what? How do they find your website? That's where a marketing strategy comes into play. There are numerous internet marketing avenues from social media to keyword purchase programs to paid advertisement placement. We can develop a web marketing strategy tailored to your goals and create a plan to effectively market your website to reach your target audience.

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Where Did They Go?—The Power of Ongoing Marketing

Do you already have a website? Was there an initial burst of enthusiasm but now your visitors and sales have dropped off? Did you see that one coming? What are you going to do about it?

Ongoing development and marketing, or "minding the store," applies to your website. Tracking visitor statistics, using web analytics, evaluating shopping patterns, adjusting to shifting market trends, and incorporating new marketing tools are where we can help make your website a continuing success.

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