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Making You Look Good!

Creating the right "look and feel" for your website and giving it the quality appearance it deserves is one of our guiding design directives. The web is a visual medium and the appearance of the website is one of the most important aspects influencing a visitor's decision making process. The look of a website and what your visitor experiences while on your site builds confidence—confidence that you provide a quality product or service which encourages them to become not just visitors but clients.

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Reach More People with a Responsive Website Design

The continued growth and use of mobile devices is good reason for making sure your website is accessible and useable on tablets and smart phones. Responsive web design is, well, responsive! The design of the website responds to the type of device—desktop, tablet or phone. A responsive site is often the best solution to ensure you reach your customers, no matter what device.

When a site is built with a responsive or "fluid" design the content, images and layout of the site respond and flow to match the screen size of the device. If your site is not responsive people using a smart phone have to zoom in and out making it very hard to see or use your site. End result? Frustration! Or even worse, they may simply just go somewhere else.

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Website Useability—What's that?

Useability is an often overlooked and little understood area. In part, website useability relates to its ease-of-use and functionality. Have you ever been frustrated when you were unable to find what you were searching for on a website? Here a menu, there a menu, everywhere another menu! Which one am I supposed to use? That's just a part of poor useability. Useability impacts how long a visitor stays on your site, if they find what they're looking for, if they will return, and if they make a purchase. Bottom line—we design with the user in mind!

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